Patricia Wolf Story

Patricia Wolf
Bus in Idaho

Patricia Wolf is inspired by the picturesque grandeur of the American Southwest and ranch life in Central Texas. Patricia specializes in designs that reflect her love and appreciation for the western lifestyle. Her collections highlight a flair for combining leather with hand painting and embellishments which typify her body of work, handmade one at a time and made in America.

Imagine listening to the Grateful Dead in 1973, driving in a delightful hippy bus through the high desert of New Mexico. With her husband and two small children, they are on their way to her next art festival. This is how Patricia marketed her handmade leather clothing throughout the western U.S. in the early days. She was laying the foundation to the Americana appeal of Patricia Wolf.

Now, Patricia has developed a brand with a history, specializing in unique western inspired apparel, accessories, and home décor. She stands for quality, value, and the best American made workmanship money can buy.

Her collections have a distinct vintage cowboy and Native American flavor with a museum quality appeal. Suede and leather hides are turned into gorgeous apparel, fashion accessories or home furnishings. Her colorful hand painted motifs of longhorn skulls, running ponies or bison have a pleasing charm that pulls the collection together.

As one of the few designers still “Made in America”, Patricia takes pride in her label that reads “Made in Texas” which promotes that Americana look she pioneered. Producing in her Texas studio, she values the Cowboy Way, hard working ranch families living the western lifestyle, and keeping our western heritage alive in America.